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The Upper Arlington Commission on Aging (UACOA) is a non-profit whose mission is to serve as an informed voice to empower, educate and enrich the lives of Upper Arlington residents as we age.  UACOA will be launching a new program, UA Village.

UA Village launched November 1, 2022!

UA Village, which is part of local and national networks, is an innovative and inclusive approach to aging in place. In addition to connecting older adults to services that help with things like maintenance and care, members of the Village program will also build connections through social and community events. 

According to the 2021 community assessment conducted by UACOA and Age-Friendly Columbus, Franklin County, and the ETC Institute, 81.3% of respondents indicated that it is very important to remain in their current homes as they age. More than 64% indicated that post-COVID they feel more isolated and desire  connection.*

It is the goal of UA Village to meet these concerns!


The Village Movement originated in Boston with Beacon Hill Village, leading the way for a more economically efficient model for aging. There are now more than 200 actively operating in the U.S. – including six others right here in Central Ohio!  Learn a bit about some of the successess that the Beacon Hill Village experienced during its first 10 years:

What a village offers: Villages are grassroots, member-driven community organizations that provide engagement and connection for adults 50+ aging in their community.While each Village is different and reflects the needs of its members and community, Villages share many common characteristics:
  • Provide a strong, inclusive community that offers members new opportunities to age successfully
  • Are membership-driven, self-governing, grassroots, nonprofit organizations
  • Are run by volunteers and may have paid staff
  • Coordinate access to affordable services, including transportation, health and wellness programs, technology support, home repairs, social and educational activities
  • Offer access to recommended service providers (e.g., plumbers, electricians, painters)
  • Positively impact isolation, interdependence, health and purpose, reducing their members' overall cost of care
  • Serve as one-stop-shopping for the services members need to age safely and successfully in their own homes
  • Form linkages with community partners to help address the challenges of aging

How you can get involved

Villages are rooted in reciprocity. There are many ways that older adult village members and other community members can volunteer and support this program. 

The new village is a program of the Upper Arlington Commission on Aging. Information on the Commission can be found at or by calling (614) 427-3920.